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"Sound Healing: A Bibliography" This recommended reading list of music healing books and recordings was compiled by Alice Olsen.
"Healing The Heart With Music" This is an article written by Alice Olsen about the power of music as a healing force.
"The Spirit of Sound" Songs that support the natural joy of children, arranged for Orff instruments by composer and music educator Alice Olsen.
The Sound and Spirit Web Site This site is an exciting resource for the music of singer David Gordon as well as writings about toning and healing with music and sound.
Spring Hill Music Spring Hill Music offers an outstanding catalogue of books, and recordings on music and sound healing.
Jim Oliver Music Jim Oliver composes soothing music for healing and relaxation. His recordings are the result of nearly two decades of researching the most nurturing and healing qualities of music.
Healing Chants Norma Gentile offers healing concerts of the chants of Hildegard von Bingen and teaches workshops on Heart Of Light, a sound healing method.


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