Amina and Muhammad's Special Visitor
by Diane Turnage Burgoyne, published by Middle Eat Gateway Series
Order c/o Juliet Burgoyne, 15 Prospect St., Rockport, MA 01966.

This is a story with lovely illustrations. It includes many insights into Arabic social customs.

Arab Folktales
translated and edited by Inea Bushnaq, Pantheon Books, NY.
Arabic Musical Instruments
by Alice Olsen, Alice Olsen Publishing Co.3515 NE 130th Ave., Vancouver, WA 98682.

This video demonstrates 7 of the main Arabic instruments.

ARAMCO World Magazine
Requests for subscriptions should be addressed to
Public Affairs Dept., ARAMCO Services Co., P.O. Box 2106, Houston, TX 77252-2106.

This magazine is usually free to libraries and is an excellent resources for any Middle East topic. Articles deal with history, culture, geography, economy and the oil industry.

ARAMCO and Its World
published by ARAMCO, see ARAMCO world magazine for address.

This hardbound book is an excellent reference for information on the middle east. History, language, religion, geography, culture are some of the topics included.

Doumbec Delight
by Mary Ellen Donald, published by Mary Ellen Books, P.O. Box 7589, San Francisco, CA 94120-7589.

This is a thirty lesson course on Middle Eastern drumming. There is also a companion tape to go with the book.

Folk Songs & Dances from Lebanon, Vol. 1
Fairuz & Sabah, Dabke.

This is the tape used in the workshop.

Journey To Egypt
illustrated by Piero Ventura, published by Viking Kestrel and sold through UNICEF.

This book includes history, culture and customs of people in Egypt in the form of a pop-up book.

Musica Arabia
by Alice Olsen, Alice Olsen Publishing Co.

A collection of songs arranged for the Orff instruments.

Songs for Children ... from the Arab World
by Sally Monsour, c/o 3893 N. Stratford Rd. Atlanta, GA 30342.

This is a short collection of songs. There is also a filmstrip set to go with it.

Songs Of The Middle East
with Dances, Orff & Percussion Arrangements, & Cultural Information
by Sally Monsour Warner Bros. Publications Inc., 1995.

Accessible songs in English, Hebrew, and Arabic.

Speak, Bird, Speak Again
Palestinian Arab Folktales
by Ibrahim Muhawi and Sahrif Kanaana, University of California Press, Berkeley.
UNESCO has a series of paper dolls which show costumes of the various countries of the Middle East. Check your local UNICEF sales for this item.

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