Animals All Around
Music by Alice Olsen

From Eels to Elephants, this "critter" collection will stimulate imagination and creative expression in your younger students. Speech, movement and instrument use are explored. Bring the whole menagerie to your class for a zoo full of fun. $18.95

"... Brings enjoyable Orff experiences to the K-2 crowd ..."
Music K-8 November/December 1993

Bing! Bang! Boom!
Music by Alice Olsen

Grab your bags and glasses, pots and pans for more musical fun. This newest collection of original songs, arranged for voices, body percussion and kitchen band, is sure to provide your class with a booming good time. Don't forget the kitchen sink! $18.95

Can I Keep Him?
Music by Alice Olsen

A second volume of exuberant original songs for Orff instruments; includes pirates, animals, monsters and many fun activities. $18.95

"The arrangements are simple and clear ... orchestrations are rhythmically interesting ... many suggestions for improvisation."
Orff Echo Winter 1992

"These books are worth their weight in gold!"
The Orff Beat March 1992

Dance Through The Days
Music by Alice Olsen

A joyous collection of dance music arranged for the Orff instruments. Each piece includes dance instructions suitable for elementary or middle school aged students. Folk dances from several countries are included as well as dances from historical periods. Invigorating, delightful and full of fun, this is a collection that will enrich your music program. $18.95

Feet & Hands, Bottles & Cans
Music by Alice Olsen

This collection of speech and singing activities is accompanied by body percussion, voice and kitchen band for a rousing good time. Many movement or dance options have been included as well as teaching suggestions for a variety of levels. This book utilizes everything but the kitchen sink, but you could include it too! Gather up your bottles, jugs, pots and pans for a festival of fun. $18.95

"this particular Olsen volume will be of interest to those who do not have the more costly Orff instruments available"
Orff Echo Winter 1997

Just Plain Fun!
Music by Alice Olsen

Songs, dances, games and poems, both original and folk in origin, are gathered for exhuberant fun. Voices, jug band, body percussion and Orff instruments accompany a variety of funfilled songs and activities. $18.95

Let's Sing! Let's Dance! Let's Play!
Music by Alice Olsen

A collection of original and folk songs arranged for Orff instruments. Many have dances or games included with a variety of ability and interest levels. An exciting collection to delight your entire class. $18.95

"... arrangements are straightforward and simple, with non-tuned percussion suggested for all."
Orff Echo Summer 1993

"The whole collection is upbeat, with a nice mix of folk songs and originals. ... definitely a collection worth adding to the library of any school ..."
Music K-8 September/October 1992

Look What Followed Me Home!
Music by Alice Olsen

Dinosaurs, dragons, space creatures and much more make up this lively new collection of original songs. $17.95

"Teachers looking for a collection of fresh, appealing material in the Orff style will enjoy using Olsen's Look What Followed Me Home!"
Ostinato September 1989

Melodies From Olden Times
Music by Alice Olsen

A collection of Medieval and Renaissance tunes arranged for soprano recorder and Orff instruments. Dances, songs, and simple parts for alto and tenor recorder are also included. Transport your students to the time of the troubadours. $18.95

"presents music seldom explored by children in such a way that it is certain to become a favorite of teachers and children alike."
Music K-8 November/December 1991

"... the collection certainly helps to fill the gap in recorder teaching repertoire."
The Orff Beat March 1992

"This volume is pleasing and the format is easy to read ..."
Ostinato April 1992

Monster Stew
Music by Alice Olsen

Thirteen new pieces. A "monsterful" blend of poems and songs set for Orff instruments. Serve this up to your class and let them dig into imagination filled, musical experiences. $18.95

"... there are some clever ideas here...the presentation is simple and clear."
Orff Echo Winter 1993

Additional Verses for Monster Stew:

Monster pie, monster pie,
What do you think a monster would try?
Slug and a bug and a big old ugly fly,
That's what you get in Monster pie.

Monster cake, monster cake,
What do you think a monster would bake?
Nail and a snail and a rusty garden rake,
That's what you get in monster cake.

Out Of This World
Music by Alice Olsen

From outer space, to the ocean deep, you'll find plenty of material to grab your students' attention and spark their creativity. Teaching suggestions are included. Take your class on a fun filled voyage of discovery into the world of imagination and adventure, truly out of this world! $18.95

Sing For The Morning
Music by Alice Olsen

A joyous salute to morning and other cheery songs. Several songs also include Orff instruments, but the primary emphasis of this collection is on singing. Start your day with a song. $18.95

"A potpourri of ideas for multiple age groups."
Orff Echo Winter 1997

Sing Me A Song - Cassette and Activity Book Set
Performed by Alice Olsen and Bob Lawyer
Book by Elizabeth Peach

18 favorite children's folksongs tastefully performed on guitar, banjo, dulcimer and other instruments. Companion activity book has dot-to-dots, crossword puzzles and much more. Cassette $8.95, Activity Book $12.95

"old classics with new updated performances."
Oregon Public Broadcasting Radio April 1990

also heard on the We Like Kid's Show, November 1990

The Spirit of Sound
Music by Alice Olsen

"The Spirit Of Sound, songs to support the natural joy of children", is a collection designed to show the power and potential of music to nurture the spirit of children. Arranged for the Orff instruments by Alice Olsen, this collection offers songs that empower, enlighten or affirm the miracle of each child. Themes include peace, healing and self image. $18.95

Music by Alice Olsen

Three favorite tales retold and arranged for the Orff instruments. Included are The Gingerbread Boy, The Three Little Pigs and The Mighty Little Engine, each arranged for a different level of difficulty and interest. Add some drama to your musical experiences. $18.95

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