Arabic Musical Instruments
Videotape, Produced and Directed by Alice Olsen

Exotic sounds of the Middle East are explored through indigenous instruments. VHS Format, 17 minutes. $24.95

"a valuable resource for intermediate and secondary level study."
Music Educators Journal November 1989

Island Dreams
Music by Alice Olsen

A collection of original and folk songs arranged for steel drums and Orff instruments. All the songs may also be played with Orff instruments alone. Take a musical trip to the Caribbean for a taste of Calypso your students will definitely enjoy. $18.95

Please visit Rhythmical Steel Drums to learn about and order steel drums for this collection of songs.

Music From Many Lands
Music by Alice Olsen

Folk songs from around the world are arranged for Orff instruments in this cultural sampler. Melodies are included from Afghanistan, Peru and Kenya as well as nine other countries. Help your students explore our multicultured world of music. $18.95

"... Twelve folk songs from around the world, stylishly arranged for voice and Orff instruments."
Music K-8 November/December 1993

Musica Arabia
Music by Alice Olsen

A sample of mid-eastern music, story and dance adapted for the Orff approach. $17.00

"Musica Arabia ... brings integrity and joy to the study of another world of music within the Orff context."
Ostinato September 1989

"This is a worthy addition to teachers' bookshelves for aesthetic as well as pedagogical reasons."
Orff Echo Spring 1989

Songs For One World
Music by Alice Olsen

A timely collection of folk tunes from a dozen countries. Tunes from Bolivia, China, Liberia and Hungary are included along with musical samples from other parts of the world. $18.95

"one of the strongest collections of multicultural songs around."
Music K-8 May/June 1991

"This tasteful collection should have much appeal to elementary grades children ..."
Orff Echo Winter 1992

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